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  • RaISa Espresso

    Style: Russian Imperial Stout with espresso

    Plato: 22

    Alcohol content: 9,4 % vol.

    A solid dose of alcohol combined with chocolate coming from the roasted malt, enriched with spicy notes of Belgian yeast and strong espresso. BRONZE MEDAL AT BRUSSELS BEER CHALENGE 2016, BELGIUM TYPE OF BEER: FLAVOURED BEER: COFFEE

    Recommended for:
    bitter chocolate, ice cream, nuts

  • RaISa

    Style: Russian Imperial Stout (RIS)

    Plato: 22

    Alcohol content: 9,4 % vol.

    Our Imperial Stout is a connection of Belgian yeast, Dutch roasted malts and Polish hops. In taste you could sense chocolate and coffee which are balanced by bitterness

    Recommended for:
    bitter chocolate, ice-creams, nuts

  • Project 30 #1

    Style: Imperial Baltic Porter

    Plato: 29,33

    Alcohol content: 10,5 % vol.

    Imperial Baltic Porter is the first beer of the Project 30. Dark beer, full-bodied, in taste to feel a distinct sweetness, in aroma dominated by chocolate and dried fruit, incredibly warming. That's double the power of style, determined brewing treasure Polish.

  • Sweet Sixteen

    Style: Milk Stout

    Plato: 16

    Alcohol content: 6 % vol.

    It is a mild and sweeter version of a classical stouts. Coffee and chocolate dominates in aroma. The bitterness in taste comes mainly from roasted malts soften by addition of lactose. The oatmeal makes this beer smooth and creamy.

    Recommended for:
    cheese, grilled dishes

  • Czarnolas

    Style: Double India Black Ale

    Plato: 18

    Alcohol content: 7,6 % vol.

    Double Black IPA with distinct bitterness enriched with coffee and chocolate aftertaste that comes from dark malts which were used in the brewing process. The aroma is characterized by pine and resin scents backed by touches of citrus fruits.

    Recommended for:
    oriental dishes, fatty meats

  • Gorączka Sezonu

    Style: Double Saison IPA

    Plato: 18

    Alcohol content: 8,4 % vol.

    The connection of the strongly hopped American IPA with a fruity Belgian Saison with an extraordinary Plato. Outstanding aromas and a moderate bitterness are characteristic for this beer.

    Recommended for:
    spicy dishes, Mexican & Hindu restaurants

  • Żywot Barley'a

    Style: English Barley Wine

    Plato: 22

    Alcohol content: 9,2 % vol.

    One of the strongest beers brewed at the Maryensztadt brewery. Malty flavours which blends harmoniously with moderately high bitterness, also warming effect of alcohol and fruit aromas.

    Recommended for:
    blue cheese, smoked matured meat