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Together, we work for a green Europe

Thanks to the support of the Norwegian Grants, we will soon build a 100% environmentally friendly brewery.

We will start ecological production in the town of Sycyna (Masovian Voivodeship), located a few kilometers from Zvolen - the current place of production of our beers. The property in Sycyna consists of 4 farm buildings that will be revitalized and adapted to ecological production. The investment in Sycyna will be additional location for the brewery, current place at Sportowa 3 in Zwoleń will continue to be the Maryensztadt beer production. 

As part of the EkoBrowar project, implemented with the support of the Norwegian Grants, a number of process innovations will be implemented that will enable environmentally friendly production, minimizing its negative impact on the climate.

Planned activities:

  •   recovery of hot water from the beer wort;
  •   heat energy recovery from the filtrate;
  •   use of filtrate and dried yeast slurry in industry and processing;
  •   using fully recyclable packaging, minimization of foil and plastic in confection;
  •   photovoltaic installation;
  •   the use of nitrogen as a replacement for carbon dioxide;

 The result of the project will also be new organic products on the market, beers and non-alcoholic beverages, marked with the Eco Certificate.

The EkoBrowar project benefits from funding of PLN 4,200,000 received from Norway. Total value of the project 9 376 991.10 zł The aim of the EkoBrowar project is to improve the competitive position of GME Restauracja Sp. z o.o. Sp.K. by implementing process and product innovation with the use of environmentally friendly technological solutions in the period 01/07/2021 - 30/06/2023.

eco brewery design sign

The design was inspired by the colors of nature and its richness. Transparency and cleanliness is a reference to the objectives that we want to achieve by implementing the project. A modern and environmentally friendly brewery is our objectives for the coming years.

All products from our brewery will bear the EkoBrowar logo. The logo will appear on labels and communication materials.

The author of the logo is Bartkek Łukasiewicz from the agency


In August, we signed a contract for the lease of buildings in Sycyna - North, where the EkoBrowar project will be implemented with the support of the Norwegian Funds. The event was accompanied by local media.